Tattoo: 42H
Registration #: 13251555
Calved:  2/24/98
Birth Weight: 80
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CCAR Dual Image 42H is one of our youngest Canadian bred herd sires. He carries length, depth and muscle along with a broad backline and large rib. He weaned at over 800 pounds  

CCAR Dual Image 42H calves display rugged Canadian vigor at birth and can withstand harsh elements during the calving season.

He is establishing a favorable EPD profile in the U.S. system, starting at baseline zeo because of his Canadian origin.

Progeny from this terrific sire are some of our top producers!

Semen Price -- $15.00 per straw A.I. Certificate -- $30.00 ea.

For more information contact

Jim and Lori French @ Clay Creek Angus  

(307) 762-3541  3334 Road 14 Greybull WY 82426  
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